Today was my first run using the built-in Apple Workout app on my Apple Watch. For more than a year I’ve used Strava on my phone and watch. I switched for two reasons: the Strava app is buggy, and the Workout app gives you stop/pause access via the Digital Crown and the other button (whatever it’s called). If you’ve ever tried to use your Apple Watch with wet or sweaty hands than you know why this matters.

13.1 miles or exactly a half marathon for this week’s long run. I guess that means I’m almost halfway through my training. I got a later start (8am) so th temps weren’t on my side. This made for a tougher run and one time where I had to pull back because I was overheated.

Today is a (much needed) rest day. My only planned physical activity is my daily walk to my office. Strava shows 12 miles for the week, with another 13 planned for tomorrow’s long run. That’d be my biggest total miles logged in a single week. My legs definitely feel it.

I’m feeling the wear on my legs. Just generally tired and aching. As I get close the halfway point of the training schedule, I think my legs are hitting normal capacity and now working to get stronger.

6 miles this morning for the longer of my 3 weekday runs. I got an earlier start (shortly before 6) than usual because I was awake anyway. It’s hot again here in Austin. At 6 AM the temperature was 77 degrees. That makes for a tough run, even in the dark.

3 miles today in the warm, humid morning air. Some extra stretching afterward because my legs are really starting to feel the miles.

A popular anti-chafe salve in the trail running community is Squirrel’s Nut Butter. That’s how I found out about it. I picked up a tin to try for long runs. It’s greasy, unlike Body Glide, but does a nice job on spots that Body Glide doesn’t.

12 miles for the long run today. I saw that that temps were not going to get very low so I decided to get up early (for a weekend) and start at 6 AM. Running in the dark but cloud cover after sunrise meant the 75 degree temp was tolerable.

3 miles today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I ran on the Cedar River trail in the early morning sun and fog. Really nice run. Despite temps in the 50s I managed to work up a sweat. I was supposed to run 6 today but traveling required me to alter that.

Today is a cross training day. I’ve never been very good about cross training days in the past (unless a nap counts) but today I did a couple miles hike at Wild Basin Nature Reserve with my family. Not too strenuous or long but just enough to loosen up my legs.

7 mile long run today. It’s a step-back week so nothing too challenging but next weekend is back at the higher mileage. High 60s and breezy this morning. Got out late so I had to deal with sun being higher in the sky. Good thing I was sporting my new pair of Goodr sunglasses.

3 miles on really nice 59 degree morning. First cool morning run here in Austin since early Spring. I have a little discomfort in my left hamstring so I’m going to rest up before my Saturday long run. This week is a step back week in my training plan; my long run is only 7 miles.

5 miles today, as per my training plan. It’s hard to get motivated for 5 miles at 6 AM in the dark. But this is a goal that requires completing each small step along the way. One thing that helps me get out the door at 6 AM is to set out my gear the night before. I fill up my bottle, set out my shoes, shorts, shirt, socks, hat, headlamp (it’s really dark in some spots), and headphones. I have a system for getting geared up and go through the motions and then I’m out the back door a few minutes later.

3 miles today. My first run since Saturday’s long run. The start was a little clunky as I got my legs but felt good about a mile in. I pushed the pace a little to see how it felt. Not bad!

And the Strava app on my Apple Watch crapped out at mile 8, missing two miles of running. This is probably why most runners use a dedicated watch, not a Apple Watch.

10 miles this morning for my scheduled long run. I got out much later (8am) than planned because I watched the live stream of the first group of finishers at UTMB. The temperature was higher than ideal so part of the run was a slog. Tried a new gel today: the Honey Stinger Fruit Smoothie was pretty good and sat well in my stomach.